We are creators. We work together. Share ideas. Build products. Create experiences.
We grow systems, businesses, careers, families …
hope, peace, understanding, evolution.

We use creativity and communication to do it.

CEJ Studio, Christie James, offers workshops, classes, coaching and speaking engagements on personal and public communications
and on creativity.

Training & Coaching

Inspiration is personal. Our research, perception, desires and skills coalesce into the uniquely new.

Then fun really happens when we collaborate, evolving our ideas from one-person shows to orchestrated group endeavors.

Whether in the live or virtual, communication skills make it happen enabling us to share ideas, build trust, impart understanding, create buy-in and motivate.

There’s always room to grow our. CEJ Studio, Christie James, offers learning experiences – coaching, classes, media – in communications, public speaking and creative thinking to help you up your game.

Lots happens in my classes and the studio of my life – my head!

CEJ Studio blog is where I share reflections about living the creative life and communicating. You’ll find short and long bits inspired by class discussions, daily events, or my own creative work.

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