CJ - Beach creating - 2001

“I’m not creative.”

How many times a day do I hear that sentence?!  It comes from the mouths of people I’ve just met or people I have known for years. Some famous artist will say it in the midst of an interview. The ‘resident genius’ in my office says it all the time.  So do friends who feel inadequate or are humbled by another’s skill or talent.

But the truth is – it’s not true.  The idea of not being creative is an illusion.  We are creating every moment of every day. We can’t help it. It’s who we are.Creating is, among other things, a process that begins with a thought, a feeling, a perception. That becomes a vision, point of view, belief, opinion … which then becomes grounds for action or inaction. The results become fodder for evaluation, further thought/perception, vision, point of view, action….and so it goes. An endless spiral of creating day after day after day.

This creating is as difficult to stop as stopping a heart beat.

Our thoughts are the seeds of action, creating. Do this test – spend one minute without thinking any thought…about anything.


“But, there is a difference between Mozart and I

Well, ‘creative’ doesn’t look the same on each of us. We have wildly different results depending on:

  • the subjects we rest our minds and hearts on,
  • our point of view/vision/beliefs and opinions we hold,
  • the nature and qualities of our thoughts and thought process,
  • the nature and quality of our talents and skills,
  • and the manner in which we act.

But, the fact remains that the process that led me to create scrambled eggs for breakfast is very similar to the one that led Disney to conceive Mickey Mouse, Mozart to create Requiem, or Gates and Jobs to crystallize the personal computing industry.

An analogy:

Most of us learn to walk, then learn to run.  Only a few of us become collegiate runners and even fewer become Olympic gold medalists. Creating is like that.

Vision, skills, motivation, and time affect the quality of our outcome, not whether we are or aren’t creative. There are many things that you may or may not be, but you are definitely creative!



We perceive, think thoughts, feel feelings, make decisions, and take action/inaction. By doing so we create breakfast, a relationship, a drive to work, households, tables, computers, campaigns and vacations … we create love, wars, laughter, pain … we create industries and nations … we create tomorrow.

……we’re all regular creating machines….


© Christie James, 2011