The agriculture of ideas.

I plant a seed, water, fertilize, Loving care is sunlight.

A plant grows. I nurture.

Sustaining self, my tree hosts bird’s roost, squirrel’s play…

Oxides become oxygen. Sunlight materializes … more tree.

A cat is stranded. Neighbors gather. Someone rescues. Generations of arbor-fueled stories of love, mystery, and madness.

Strong old tree holds
a swing, a house
tree-fort, castle, ship, lighthouse), a noose.

Canopy cools child play, makes
secret spots for lovers un-locked hearts.
Picnics, wedding vows, last rights.

Stories are told.

Holiday lights; field mice, mysterious messages, butterfly wings, moss and termites call it home.

Generations know this tree.

Nuts fall. New seeds.
A new tree grows,
And so it goes.

© Christie James, 2011