The world got smaller today.
Nelson Mendela chose this day to depart our world.
He has saved so many and inspired so many
with his love of humankind.

It feels like a different world without his living presence.
But, even in his leaving,
he has taught me something about
peace and the beauty of reverence.

Often enough,a news alert will flit across my phone
telling me of a fellow human’s passing from this plane.
Today, as I absorb the message,
I become acutely aware that I am not alone.
I feel the others around the world who have joined me.

Their hearts have stopped, like mine.
Their steps and conversations and thoughts have stopped.
I sense that all over the globe, we have stopped together and
turned toward the love and magnitude that was this man’s life.
And, in that moment, the world came together.
It felt smaller, more intimate.

We will also come together over his interment;
express our heartfelt care for his family and nation.

But right now, within the hour of his passing,
it feels that there are
many, many of us
who have come together in silence
to share this moment
of recognition,
of farewell,
of gratitude for a job well done, a life well lived.

In this moment lives awareness that
each in our own way
can offer our fellows
just a little of the spirit of love that
he lavished on us.

Mandiba, you will be sorely missed.

2013 Copyright