CJ - Eye See

Honoring visionaries and the vision in each of us:


What is in the seer’s seeing?
What renders the light of recognition?
What mysterious mechanism charges vision?

propheter, dreamer

You intimates with insight
are journeyers
crossing the expanse between what is and will be.

I ask you, does seeing draw the future near?

Let’s say – that all the futures lie acre by acre,
one with another, beside another,
inside another,
on top of another:
A multidimensional medley.

Let’s say – that we see what we make
and we make what we see
and that is how
what is comes to be.

Then, does seeing mean creating time beyond a certain line?

In our seeing, we perceive the futures.
And in these visions, we can see our choices.
And, in our choosing we create – each of us in pieces.
And, as pieces we create a whole

So what, then?

I ask you,
Eye of Heart and Mind,
Original Seer,
what transcendent spark starts it all?


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