“The lightning spark of thought generated in the solitary mind awakens its likeness in another mind.” — Thomas Carlyle


Sometimes, creating is an individual thing. A seed of inspiration comes and we go with it. We call it ours. We grow it.

Sometimes, creating is a group thing.

We join together to reach a goal, learn a subject, probe the issues, work through differences. We try to respect each other’s style and gifts. As we progress, a spark of inspiration comes to one or more of us. Contagious, one spark begets another and we find that we are creating together in ways we could never have created alone.

What is this ‘creating machine’ that we become?

This machine combines genuine parts: skill, point-of-view, idea, inspiration, humor, curiosity, conflict, insight, resolution, and evolution. This machine grows us into a unique whole that is much more than the sum of our individuality.

Different teams bring to life different dreams; dreams that surface and ride on observation, analysis, synthesis,  generation,  experimentation, implementation …  

Different team’s chemistries may draw out certain qualities in us.  We may find it hard to be productive in one team, but we are amazingly prolific in another.

Passion, knowledge, a sense of freedom from fear, the challenge to overcome limitations – all of these shape one’s willingness and ability to contribute.  Balancing the elements can be tricky.

A meaningful creating machine is a powerful thing

Creating machines create industry.
That’s why we try to foster these things.
Is one evolving in your vicinity?

Treasure it. Protect it.

Grow that machine as you grow something green …. recognize it, acknowledge it, feed it. Give it fertilizer, water, and some air to breathe.

Prune only if absolutely necessary. Sometimes grafting two ideas, projects, or teams may help things.

And, when time comes to reap the rewards, celebration with Thanksgiving.
Because, nothing feeds the next crop quite like being grateful for what you got.

Gentle-people, start your engines! Let the creating begin.

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