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Creating is About Seeing

Creator’s Checklist

We are infinitely creative … We are busy creating the world every moment … of every day … What are you creating today? Here’s a checklist to help …

What are your words creating?

Words matter. They are the bricks with which we build. They set the intention of what is to come. Click the title to read more about this experiment that may show more than we expect about the impact of our words.

Welcome To My Green Room

Green rooms are where performers wait before going onstage. When giving a speech, we often inhabit an ’emotional green room’ waiting in nervous suspended animation until our name is called to begin.

A Marriage of Skills

We have capacity in many skills. Narrow our definition of  ‘what we / they are good at’ and we miss the opportunities that our human complexity provides. Click title for full post.

Tech Assist: Nourishing Body, Mind, Soul

I was asked to introduce a few time-saving, stress-relieving tech solutions to a group of hard-working school administrators. We started low-tech and went high with tips to soothe our souls, organize our minds, and feed our (and our families’) bodies. Click the title for post.


The peace of a city lies in the joy of its citizens.

Breaking the Ice

So, you’ve got another meeting to plan. It’s that weekly meeting. Same people. Pretty much the same topic. Click here for something to up the engagement!

My Tree

The leaves on my tree start life in fragile shades of green. They tentatively unfurl pale lime, sometimes golden. They grow toward summer. Slick rubbery surfaces become verdant labs, energy pads; an alchemical mission marrying sun, dirt, and water from who knows where. Some leaves are breezy cool; blowing their rustle in bluish notes. Some are robustContinue reading “My Tree”

Creating Machines

Sometimes, creating is an individual thing. Sometimes it’s is a group thing. What is this “creating machine” that we become?

Walking Increases Creativity

Recent studies tout the negative impacts to our hearts and muscles of inactivity. But, moving isn’t just good for your body. Researchers have shown that walking, specifically, is good for the mind. It can help improve creativity. 


Enduring mystery. Lures curiosity. Look more closely. Or, you will never see.


Mistakes are an essential element of creating. It’s not a question of ‘doing it wrong’. It’s a question of playing …. what does that mean for a manager? Click title to read post.

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