Training & Coaching

Take your pick: cej studio offers everything from coaching to classes … workshops to breakouts … on basic communications, live presenting, and communicating virtually (Zoom, Webex, etc.).
Also, on creativity, so you can come up with ideas to talk about and strategies for sharing them!

Virtual meetings, presentations, and training are the norm.
Are you up to speed? Virtual Life helps you optimize for virtual meetings, presentations, and training.

Do your lighting, camera angle, background and sound present you at your best? Does your message engage as well in Zoom as it does in the conference room? And, how does one do body language and eye contact online anyway? Learn how lighting and camera angle impact how others perceive your mood, authority, even your age. Learn how backgrounds can compliment or take away from your message. Find new ways to present content that up engagement in the virtual. (Note, we can answer some questions, but does not dive into tech instruction for individual platforms.)

Schedule a 20 minute personal consultation to up your game or a 3-hour class to raise your department’s skill and virtual profile.

Public speaking … it’s still intimidating new comers and old timers alike. Training helps you develop quality messaging that overcomes nerves and engages your audience.

The ancient Greeks knew that live presenting is a learned skill. Isn’t that a relief?! Unexpectedly, the core of your confidence and dynamism lies in your message. Have you shaped a message you believe in and are excited about?

Presentation Content training shows you how to seamlessly blend your goals with your audience’s interests. That’s relevancy. Learn to use that core strategy to develop a story that’s engaging, insightful, original, and motivating.

but clearly … message isn’t everything …

Technique & Energy training shows you where to find your calm and confidence. Explore how body language, vocal tone and words combine to build your presence and your audience’s trust. Reframe and manage nerves. Improve diction, projection, posture. Personal coaching helps you capitalize on your personal strengths. (Includes taping and feedback.).

Do you know how communication works? How to fix it when it breaks? Communication Basics preps you for quality collaboration, customer service, and leadership.

Insight, influencing, collaborating, motivating …. it all starts with communication. Gain insight into the processes and tools we use to transmit information, ideas, intentions, and emotions. Identify and correct communications problems, interpret nonverbal communication, ease into active listening, learn to bridge gaps in understanding and spark motivation.

Planning a presentation? Writing a Business Plan? Launching a new team? A new app? You need ideas… Where do they come from and how do you get some?!

Diving into the mysteries of creative thinking, inspiration, is one of the most empowering things we can do. It’s practical, too. A creative thinking workshop introduces you to theories, techniques, and games that generate ideas and inspire the plans that get them off the ground. Learn how social, psychological and physical atmosphere can impact your production. Learn how play, even a vacation, can jumpstart your brainstorming session. And learn how to guide your team to a more creative way of life.

Don’t wait too long to join these happy clients

Classes & Workshops:

AgFirst Bank … Akebono Brake Corporation … Arbor One Farm Credit … BCBS of South Carolina … Colonial Farm Credit of Virginia …. C.O.M.E.T. (Central Regional Midlands Transit Authority) … Conservation Voters of S.C. … Electric Cooperatives of S.C. … Millie Lewis Talent Agency, Columbia … Richland County Public Library … Rite Dose Corporation … S.C. A ssociation of CPA’s Young CPA’s … S.C. Commission for the Blind … S.C. Dept. of Corrections … S.C. Dept of Public Safety Trooper’s Leadership School … S.C. Dept. of Health & Human Services … S.C. Dept. of Transportation … S.C. Election Commission … Spirax Sarco … T.D. Bank (some as adjunct trainer with Midlands Tech Corporate & Continuing Education)

Break-Out Sessions and Speeches:

Richland Sertoma Club Monthly Luncheon … Richland School District One Administrator’s Annual Conference … S.C. Dept. of Health & Environmental Control Annual Leadership Conference … S.C. Dept. of Transportation Right-of-Way Conference … Midland’s Tech Annual Corporate Retreats